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3D Printshow at The Brewery

  • by arobis
This weekend why not take a visit to the 3D Printshow at The Brewery and be truly blown away by the very first exhibition of its kind right in the heart of London. Compared to some other technology of similar importance, 3D printing has remained hidden from the public eye since its amazing inception during the 1980s. Having said that, the 3D Printshow at The Brewery, London is set to change this as they will be showcasing all the latest developments of the technology which will no doubt have a huge imapct on the world and the way we see it today in the near future.

At the 3D Printshow expect to see a huge range of printed objects from clothes and jewellery to musical instruments and even artwork. There will also be a live catwalk show which will be displaying some of the different designer’s latest creations as well as some performances from the world’s first printed band as they show their talents on some incredible printed instruments.

During the 90s 3D printing started picking up some steam an was no longer a shadow of other technologies. Nowadays, 3D printing is well and truly entering the mainstream and the aim of the 3D Printshow at The Brewery is to take it a step further by showcasing just what is possible with this latest phenomenon. During the exhibition, visitors are able to get up close and personal with the astounding machines as live demonstrations will occur, showing how the 3D objects are dreamt up and created. Industry experts will also be sharing their knowledge of the machines during talks that will be held throughout the weekend, so if you wish to be amazed, then make your way to the 3D Printshow and you truly won’t be disappointed!
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