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Lita Cabellut Exhibition at The Opera Gallery

  • by arobis
Take a truly incredible trip to the Lita Cabellut exhibition London and see a wonderful collection of works by the Spanish artist which is titled, A Portrait of Human Knowledge. The Lita Cabellut exhibition experiences the talented artist return to London with her latest collection of splendid works, which portray some of the most recognisable people of the last 150 years.

Painted in her signature Cabellut palette style adding a level of depth to each piece of art, which no doubt makes for an extremely interesting and memorable exhibition so don’t miss out, for those who attend the Lita Cabellut exhibition London can expect to see portraits of influential icons such as Billy Holiday, Marie Curie, Stravinsky, Sigmund Freud, Nureyev, Garcia Lorca and Rudolf Steiner.

The exhibition will be a great opportunity for art fans to see the Spanish sensation’s latest work as she showcases how it is possible to portray human emotion through her strokes on the canvas, and The Opera Gallery is the perfect gallery for such an exhibition having housed works by the likes of Picasso, Warhol and Braque, as well as supporting upcoming artists. 

Make sure you make it to the Lita Cabellut exhibition in London for a highly professional and thrilling display of some truly amazing artwork.

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