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Technogym Unveils Google Glass Controlled Treadmill

  • by Charles The Concierge
The globally famous Consumer Electronics Show showcases various technological advancements and innovations across various industries with over 152,000 in attendance.

The 2014 edition didn’t disappoint with many new ideas from driverless cars to 3D printing.

It was here that Technogym announced one of the very first Googles Glass controlled treadmills, UNITY, which got the fitness industry buzzing with excitement.

It operates on an Android 4.0 open API platform and can be used on Excite+ cardio as well as ARTIS equipment. Through the Technogym App Store, it is able to integrate with any third party device or app. Its Android nature allows any app or third party device to integrate with it through the Technogym App Store.

UNITY allows you to connect to my wellness cloud, which is a cloud computing platform that enables you to use Wellness on the GO. No matter where you are, you can integrate your apps, equipment and technology solutions to partake in the wellness lifestyle.

Technogym has also created an app on UNITY which enables the treadmill to connect with the person’s Google Glass. Hands free commands given by touch or voice to Google Glass controls the treadmill. Real-time feedback on your training is given on the lens of the Google Glass and well as the UNITY screen.

Brilliant feedback has been received by Technogym so far and has received media coverage from major publications including PC Mag, IHRSA, Pocket-lint, Mashable, Leisure Opportunities and many more.

Find out more about Technogym by clicking here.

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