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Victory Parade in Central London

  • by arobis

The 2012 London Olympics have been an emotional roller coaster with Team GB winning 48 medals out of which 22 are gold so far!  

The 10th of September Victory Parade will give thousands of fans the opportunity to line up the streets of Central London and participate in a Victory Parade where they will have the opportunity to greet and cheer for the team that participated in one of the greatest events to take place in London.  

The parade is expected to pass through the City of London and Trafalgar Square and will be reaching it's finale outside the Buckingham Palace where all the participants will be coming together.  

The 2012 Olympics has been a very exciting event for those in London this summer and the parade will mark the unity of the country and the warmth of the city!
If you are staying in Mayfair you will get to experience the parade through the comfort of your hotel windows so make sure you have a room at The Ritz or Browns Hotel if you are intending a visit during that week.  

For more information on the Team GB Victory Parade keep visiting the 5ive Star London Blog.

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